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empower | avila ranch | planning commission

why should I attend?

during this meeting, the slo planning commission will determine if this development fits within the city's land use policies. by attending and sharing your ideas you can have a powerful say in how parts of this neighborhood will grow in the long term.

how do I attend?

simply show up at 6:00 pm with an open mind and a willingness to speak your ideas. remember to bring your passion in housing and perhaps a pad of paper for notes.

proposed project:

avila ranch


project address: 175 venture drive, san luis obispo
applicant: avila ranch, llc
project website:

the avila ranch development is a planned development that includes a mix of residential uses (68.23 acres), neighborhood commercial uses (3.34 acres), and open space/park uses (71.30 acres). development would involve approximately 720 residential units, 15,000 square feet of leasable neighborhood commercial space concentrated in a proposed town center, and pocket parks, mini-parks and neighborhood parks.