The Future Of Housing: Community Gathering a nutshell:

On Groundhog Eve, Monday February 1st, 2016, we gathered over Sixty-Five people from our community (within and outside the building industry) and gave them stimulating questions about the future of housing over drinks and food.

The results were spectacular.

This event was the first ever public appearance for dwellforward. The intent was to introduce this new committee to San Luis Obispo and engage the group in thoughtful dialogue about housing on the Central Coast.

The event was divided into three parts:


As people arrived we gave them name tags and unique playing card. They mingled with other residents of town and enjoyed refreshments. This casual get together helped the room build a deeper relationship before our activities.


Jeff Eckles, Executive Director of the Home Builders Association, kicked off the event with an inspiring short-talk on the importance of home and community. The co-chairs then followed by introducing themselves and describing their vision and what motivates them.


Using the unique playing cards we distributed to everyone, we created small groups and gave them random questions about housing. The groups discussed their topics, wrote summaries of their ideas on paper, and sent a group leader to inform everyone of their findings. 

We provided each group a few questions from the list below: 

  1. How can we help businesses attract and retain workers?
  2. What elements are needed to create an economically and socially diverse community?
  3. How can we preserve the central coast way of life while maintaining housing affordability?
  4. What should we name our dashing dwellforward groundhog?
  5. How can we effect change in the community?
  6. What does civic participation look like?
  7. What is most important to first time home buyers?
  8. What factors influence housing affordability on the central coast?
  9. How does sustainability relate to housing?
  10. How does the housing continuum support diversity?

We concluded the night by encouraging the audience to keep the momentum by continuing to participate first-hand in the local housing discussion.

we provide a voice to people by bringing them together and educating them about housing opportunities on the Central Coast.
— the dwellforward mission

Some ways we plan to achieve this is by providing neutral summaries of current development projects and ways you can provide input. This could be in the form of letter writing, phone calls, and attending and speaking at public review meetings at the city.

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