we provide a voice to people by bringing them together and educating them about the housing approval process on the Central Coast
— the dwellforward mission


why we exist

everyone likes to talk about the current housing crisis, but what they don't know is how to take action and make a real difference. we are here to change that.

our sole purpose is to give our community a voice to the housing approval process. currently, a vocal minority represents the majority of our town's voice. this is both unfair and gives our city leaders an incorrect perspective of what the people really want. 

just like we vote in presidential elections to voice our opinions on a national level, we can "vote" for local housing issues by being active in the approval process. we'll show you how.

what we do

provide updates & facts on proposed housing developments in our community. we help you become informed and then show you ways to make an impact.

the power of your actions


we provide residents of the Central Coast information about opportunities to meet each other, discuss housing related topics, and build deeper relationships. this could be a casual get together at a neighborhood cafe or a business networking seminar hosted by a local group.


sometimes it's nice just to listen. We also inform the community about learning opportunities to hear from experts about housing related issues. this could be a brief chat by a local city leader or a presentation by an architect, builder, or developer.


taking your ideas, passions, and questions and putting them into action is the most influential way to make a difference. we will update you on major housing projects that are being proposed at the city and will provide dates and times to attend and voice your opinion.


2017 dwellforward team

left to right: Ian Ferguson (Co-Chair), Enrique Ivers (superdweller), M. Farid Shahid (Co-Chair), Dove Daniel (Co-Chair), Jefferson Eckles (Executive Director, HBACC), William Vega (superdweller).

join us. help shape the vision of housing on the Central Coast. 

it’s easy. it's important. and it makes a difference.

interested in sharing an event that can gather, educate, or empower? contact us to request publishing your event on our calendar.